Writing and Speaking

Why did you become an author?

My writing journey began when I was in high school in my stenography class. I would jot down my dreams, feelings positive or bad in a notebook. When I was diagnosed with cancer at 24 years old, I started journaling. One day after experiencing a broken heart I found my old journals. I wrote my first book about my childhood memories and my cancer journey. From there I created my second book, a journal of affirmations, poems, and quotes. This will help those who feel lost, or insecure have a way to write their own story of how they are living to tell one step at a time.

Speaking of one step at a time, you are giving back as a coach as well. What is One S.T.E.P. coaching and what led you to coaching?

It was that one step, one breath-taking moment that led to my healing, and the beginning of my third book. I wanted to help others like me get better. Before I knew it, my experiences and life journey placed me in one exuberant place – coaching. One S.T.E.P. with “C” translates to be one step in strategizing, teaching, and equipping people with …Christ, Cheryl’s journey, Courage or even that big “C” in your life.

With my coaching experiences, I specialize in spiritual and emotional coaching for those seeking a better understanding of who they are. I also allow myself to be used by God allowing HIM to guide them into their wholeness. Through this, I help individuals gain clarity and direction in their lives, enabling them to make meaningful and lasting changes.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to make some changes and thrive, please contact me. I’m ready to help you confront your pain, unlock your purpose and walk in your wholeness. According to a recent study, 69% of people feel trapped in the same old routine. Take the necessary steps to break free of the day-to-day, back and forth thoughts and take control of your life – don’t let the routine control you!

What are your goals and who would you like to inspire with your story as an inspirational speaker?


As a speaker my goal is to inspire cancer patients, women or men to thrive and not give up in their fight. To replace fear with faith while building, strengthening and uplifting those medically diagnosed with cancer or fighting low self-esteem. Through my speeches, I intend to provide those facing cancer or self-esteem issues with the tools and motivation to take charge of their journey and stay strong in the face of adversity.

What are some of your speaking topics?

Stepping into your purpose…Chin-up!

I AM HEALED because God said IT!

Letting Go to become Extraordinary.

What are clients saying?

Her story is one of courage and determination! I am committed to and love being part of Lived2Tell where we help others who are going through this disease called Cancer. I would hope that because of Lived2Tell and all the support it provides to so many cancer patients and their families, they will have the chance to live to tell their stories of survival!

Gina Headley

Cheryl’s story has inspired so many others to rise up and act. She has blazed a trail that allows others to give back, to help others and to add strength to their own resolve. Her efforts have impacted the lives of many women, children and families who otherwise would have ‘fallen through the cracks’.

E. Greene

In 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During my recovery, it was a frightening experience. However, I was truly privileged and blessed to meet Ms. Cheryl Brown, who is Founder and CEO of Lived 2 Tell. Her story was my inspiration. She is compassionate, caring, positive, supportive, and unselfish. Ms. Brown is the kind of person who puts others before herself. Thank God for Lived 2 Tell and Ms. Cheryl Brown.

A. Johnson

Ms. Cheryl inspired me to turn every negative thing said or done to me into something positive.

P. Marshall

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