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Cheryl L. Brown

Life Coach & Public Speaker

Cheryl L. Brown, the Founder and Executive Director of LIVED 2 TELL Cancer Support Outreach,  Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by a three-time breast cancer survivor in 2000 who devoted her time to assisting cancer patients no matter the diagnosis. She would transport patients to and from doctor’s appointments in her own personal vehicle while providing a much needed one-on-one support system for them: homecare, financial and emotional support.

LIVED2TELL is her story of how imperative it is to her to encourage and motivate individuals struggling through treatments alone and without support. She makes sure each of them has a positive attitude to fight and not give up. Through her story, she illustrates how important it is to provide emotional support to those going through treatments and ensure they maintain an optimistic outlook. She conveys that it is of the utmost importance to provide a listening ear, offer words of encouragement, and be a source of positivity to those struggling through this illness. We are there to provide to and from patient care facilities and help them through the lifestyle changes that can occur after their treatment.


Her story is one of courage and determination! I am committed to and love being part of Lived2Tell where we help others who are going through this disease called Cancer. I would hope that because of Lived2Tell and all the support it provides to so many cancer patients and their families, they will have the chance to live to tell their stories of survival!

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Who has Cheryl L. Brown become?

Who have I become? A great question. I’m still becoming and growing into my self daily. The radio interviews and news articles written about my journey have said  “I AM the Harriett Thurman in the cancer community. She goes in and grab her clients back to their freedom of living complete by showing extraordinary courage, ingenuity persistence and iron discipline”.

I am a resilient woman who advocates for cancer patients, an inspirational speaker who inspires and motivates people, the life coach that’s gifted in guiding cancer patients during their challenges; one of the thousand Clubhouse Icons, BlackGrlsTalk Member, Ambassador of (GW3) Global Women Wealth Warriors Society, Entrepreneur and a Business Owner, the Founder and CEO of LIVED 2 TELL Cancer Support Outreach Inc., a non-profit organization formulated to assist and relieve the challenges one may encounter when told you have cancer.

I am a two-time published author and a travel advisor who desires to show her clients a way to relax and enjoy life after combating cancer.

How can you help?

You can support her by supporting where her heart smiles the most (www.lived2tell.org) as she gives back to others like herself who are or were faced with cancer challenges and unexpected lifestyle changes.


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