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Welcome to my Wellness page, where I introduce you to PhytoPower C™, PhytoPower E™, and PhytoPower I™ – more than just drinks; they are a powerful boost for your nutritional wellness. Imagine beverages that not only taste great but also provide remarkable benefits for your health. These supplements are designed to enhance your overall well-being and offer a share-worthy experience you won’t want to keep to yourself!

Did you know that your body hosts more microbes than there are stars in the sky? Your gut, home to about 80% of your immune cells, plays a pivotal role in your health. By nurturing your microbiome, you can significantly increase your energy and overall wellness. As a three-time breast cancer thriver and founder of a non-profit cancer support organization, I understand the critical importance of prioritizing health. Whether you are a patient, caregiver, or simply looking to improve your health, Lovebiome products are here to support you on your journey.

Environmental stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to illnesses. That’s where our PhytoPower series comes in:

  • PhytoPower C™: This drink features targeted probiotics and calming ingredients to help manage stress and promote calmness. With its delicious berry flavor and natural colors from fruits and vegetables, it’s a delightful way to enhance your daily routine.
  • PhytoPower E™: This energy formula supports optimal energy production and harvesting. Enjoy the natural strawberry kiwi lemonade flavor and the convenience of 15 ready-to-go sticks in each bag.
  • PhytoPower I™: This immune system support beverage strengthens your defenses with targeted probiotics and beneficial phytonutrients. The invigorating papaya mango flavor and vibrant natural color make it a treat you’ll look forward to every day.

These unique blends of friendly bacteria and specialized phytonutrients in PhytoPower C™, PhytoPower E™, and PhytoPower I™ prime your immune response by stimulating both innate and adaptive immunity. While the innate immune system acts swiftly to detect and neutralize threats, the adaptive immune system provides targeted defense and remembers past encounters to respond more efficiently in the future. Together, these beverages empower your immune system with a synergistic mix of probiotics and immune-boosting compounds, ensuring you stay strong and resilient.

Experience the difference with PhytoPower C™, PhytoPower E™, and PhytoPower I™. Changing one thing can change everything, and these wellness drinks are the perfect place to start. Enhance your health, boost your energy, and support your immune system with Lovebiome products today!

Wellness Products

Daily 3 System

The Daily 3 System includes Next Balance, Next Detox and PhytoPower .

Next Balance
A blend of the powerful globally sourced botanical ingredients that are dense in polyphenols and phytonutrients specifically created to support a balanced and healthy gut microbiome.

Next Detox
Globally sourced green ingredients that helps to clear out oxidative substance, toxins, and waste to start an overall detoxification in skin, blood, liver, and gut along with turmeric that accelerate circulation for the cleanse process.

PhytoPower Original
40 sources of phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables, representing every color. PhytoPower captures those natural, organic sources of phytonutrients that are pleasing to the eye and good for the body.

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PhytoPower C

Targeted probiotics for calm+stress management.

PhytoPower C draws its impressive potency from targeted probiotics and other proven calming ingredients. PhytoPower C also delivers calming chemical compounds through nature’s best calming ingredients.

PhytoPower C features a lovely berry flavor and beautiful natural colors from fruits and vegetables. Each bag contains 15 individual sticks.

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PhytoPower E

Targeted probiotic energy formula.

PhytoPower E is a healthy, natural way to help stimulate your body and promote healthy energy harvesting. Daily consumption of PhytoPower E will ensure your body has everything it needs for optimal energy production and harvesting.

PhytoPower E features a natural strawberry kiwi lemonade flavor and each bag contains 15, ready-to-go sticks.

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PhytoPower I

Targeted probiotics for immune system support

PhytoPower I is a daily beverage supplement designed to build and strengthen immune system defenses through the deft use of targeted probiotics and proven impact ingredients packed with beneficial phytonutrients.

PhytoPower I has an invigorating papaya mango flavor, and its vibrant color comes from natural plant sources. Each bag contains 15, ready-to-go sticks.

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