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Of all things to do in life why did you choose to add becoming a Travel Advisor?

Becoming a Travel Advisor was selfish at first. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and make LIVED 2 TELL a household name in the cancer community. Most importantly, I love helping people find their freedom and peace of mind after a life struggle whether it’s giving birth, divorce or fighting cancer. My favorite part of working as an entrepreneur in this 8 trillion-dollar industry is that I can assist others in living a fulfilling life with residual income, spend time around the world and working from home comfortably. Therefore, as a Travel Advisor, I can provide cancer ‘thrivers’ like myself with the opportunity to live a life of adventure and financial security. I am dedicated to helping others achieve their own dreams of exploring the world, while creating a lifestyle of their own. I believe anything is possible with persistence and dedication. My passion for travel, combined with my personal experience as a cancer survivor, drives me to prove that with hard work and determination, anything is achievable.

What should we do if we share the same dream as becoming a Travel advisor?

To become a part of this rapidly growing company or to book your next traveling experience, click the link or contact me your LIVING 2 TRAVEL Advisor and I’ll be glad to show you the way!

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